Soft enamel pins, filled with vivid colored enamel, relief, 3D appearance, the most sold pins.


Soft enamel pins, filled with vivid colored enamel, relief, 3D appearance, the most sold pins.

The soft enamel lapel pins are less expensive than hard enamel pins, but the quality is high and gives a 3D look that hard enamel pins do not have. More than 70% to 80% of lapel pins made is of soft enamel pins. Because of the lower cost and good quality, these pins are very suitable for sports clubs, associations, small and large companies, as a souvenir and promotional material.

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Soft enamel is the most common technique for making pins or badges. The pins / metal badges or pins are knocked out of a mold, then colored soft enamel fillings are poured into the stamped recesses.

Then they are baked at a high temperature. The edges separating the colors are galvanized with the correct colors. You will feel the relief of the pins with these pins. The result is a pin or pin with a 3D look and vibrant colors.

Which pins or pins suit you better?

It has to do with your design (eg details, colors) and the appearance of the pins you want.

Normally pins / games are divided into the following categories:

  • Soft enamel pins - embossed, 3D look, filled with colored enamel, the most sold pins or pins. more information >>
  • Hard enamel pins - the best quality jewelry pins, filled with enamel, polished and with a smooth surface. more information >>
  • Metal relief pins - simple and elegant, with classic and 3D appearance, not filled with colored enamel. more information >>
  • Full-color metal printed pin - unlimited colors and details, exact color match with your design. more information >>

Don't know what kind of pins you want or whether the design is suitable for making certain pins? send us a design, we will make a proposal for you within 24 hours.


We are the market leader in designing and manufacturing a large range of custom-made pins or pins. Our factory has advanced machines, CNC engraving machines, oil hydraulic press machine, injection molding machine, high precision presure machines, automatic color filling machines and especially well-trained and experienced people.

We have all possible materials in stock to make the pins or pins and we manage the entire process.

Materials of pins / pins

The most common materials for making pins / pins are copper, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum and PVC.

Copper: Copper is a somewhat soft material and is suitable for the manufacture of pins / pins (eg for hard enamel pins, 3D medals) with clear and fine lines.
Iron and stainless steel are, compared to copper, a hard material and more cost efficient. Iron is most commonly used for soft enamel pins and stainless steel for full-color metal printed pins.
Zinc alloy is used for pins / pins made by an injection molding process. They are most commonly used for double-sided medals, coins and pins / pins with sharp shapes. This is cost efficient with high numbers and a better 3D effect can be realized.
Aluminum is most commonly used for the production of printed pins.
Depending on your design, budget and the desired number, we will determine the most suitable material for you.

What is the best size of the pins?

The best size of a pin / pin depends on the application, design, pin type and budget. The most common sizes are 16 mm, 19 mm, 22 mm and 25 mm and 29 mm.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities? Then you can email us the design, the desired number and the desired size, then we can make a proposal for you.

Closure options for pins?

vlindersluiting rubber slutiing veilig sluiting type 1
butteryfly  Rubber attachment Safety attachmet type 1
veilig sluiting type 2 veilig sluiting type 3 stick pins
Safety attachment  type 2 Safety attachment type 3 Stick pins
Tie back Sleutelhanger manchetknoop
Tie back Key chain Cufflink
Magneet U-klem Schroef
Magnet attachment  U   clip Sc


Packing options:

plastic zakje Velvet zakje
Plastic ploybag (free) Velvet bag
velvet juwelendoos Transparant plastic doos
Velvet jewel box Transparant box
kartonnen doos Munt capsule
carton box coin capsule

Pins or pins with designed cardboard cards: 

Pins or pins with designed cardboard cards

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