PVC badges and emblem - vivid color with striking promotional effect


PVC badges or soft rubber pvc badges are made out of a mal with high temperature。 they are soft, flexble, water and corrosion proof. They have vivid  color give a strking promotional effect.  They can be made in all kinds of shape and size. 

PVC badges are very suitable to be used in harshed harsh circumstances. 

We are specalist in design and making pvc badges with top quality in the Netherlands and we deliver across Europe. 

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"Thanks again for the beautiful PVC patches that you have supplied. I am very happy with it and I have received a lot of positive reactions. I would like to receive a quote for large woven patches for the back ...."

"I have received the PVC emblems they are super and the color also super thanks! Please let me know regarding the caps they would like to order as soon as possible."

"Badges safely arrived.
Render is beautiful and quality is perfect. thank you for the great job! "

Our PVC badges have the following characteristics:

  • They are very suitable for displaying all kinds of designs
  • Gives a 3D appearance with many details
  • 100% PMS color match with your design
  • The colors on the PVC badges are vibrant and impressive
  • They are soft and flexible. No matter how you pinch and press, the shape will always remain the same.
  • They are durable and can withstand high temperatures and they are water and corrosion resistant.
  • They are easy to wash and can withstand all kinds of dust, dirt, sand and oil etc.

custom-made pvc badges with vibrant color

Why do you order PVC badges with us?

  • We are a leading supplier of PVC badges in the Netherlands and have more than thousands of happy customers across Europe.
  • We use the most environmentally friendly material
  • We convert your design into a working drawing that is suitable for making a mold free of charge
  • We supply the best quality PVC badges at a very competitive price in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • 100% satisfaction and quality guarantee.
  • Finishing options for PVC badges

The PVC badges can be provided with a deep-lying gutter to be able to attach the badge to the clothing properly.
You can provide Velcro straps on your PVC badges.
PVC badge with velcro:

pvc badges with double side velcro

With  3 simple steps you get the personalized PVC badges in approx. 3 -4 weeks.

Step 1: If you send us a design or photo of your badges today, you will receive a free quote and advice within 24 hours.

Professional working drawing of PVC badges or patches within 24 hours:

professional designed pvc artwork, 100% PMS color match

Step 2: If you accept our quote, you will receive a working drawing for approval within 24 hours before we proceed to production.

We make accurate mold that the best quality PVC badges are manufactured:

example of mold for making pvc badges

Step 3: After approval of the working drawing, we start the production. You will normally receive the badges within 2-3 weeks.

We are the preferred supplier of militairy pvc badges in Europe. We are specialist in realise your complex design in a high quality product with variious techniques: 

complex pvc design

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