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Perfect hige definition woven badges, emblemen and patches

Badges-patches.nl the specialist in design, manufacure and distribution of woven badges.  Already from 50 pcs, you can have your design converted into perfect high definition woven badges, with competitive price. Thousends of satisfactory customers accros Europe has trusted us for our professional works. 

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Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

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More information?

CONTACT US | Email: info@badges-patches.nl | Call: +31 683854841

Why woven badges? 

With woven badges, you can realise great definition and small details. It is suitable for intricate design, particularly design with small text. It is espcially suitable for small badges. 

Differrent between woven badges and embroidered badges? 

As the threads of woven badges are woven each other, it result in a smooth finishing; whereas embroidered badges have more texture on the surface and give a 3D appearance. 

How about the costs? 

Starting from 500 pcs, it is more cost effective to manufacure woven badges than embroidered badges. Below 500 pcs, we keep the price for both badges at the same level.

The max size? 

Woven badges can be made up to 190mm, whereas embroidered badges can be made up to 350mm. 

Backing possibility? 

Woven badges can be made with iron-on (heat seal backing), velcro backing or without backing. 

Border finishing? 

Woven badges border can be finished with an overlocked (oversewn edges), laser-cut edge or with sealed edges. Overlocked edges is our standard, in case the form of the badge is intricate, or with sharp angles, we will use laser-cut edge. 

An example of a woven badge wiht a size of 50x70mm: 

woven badges 50x70mm perfect details

woven badge with overlocked or oversewn edges

Woven badges (right hand side photo) can realise the details where embroidered badges (left hand side photo) cannot achieve. Both badges have a size of 6x6cm.

Comparing woven badges to embroidered badges

Realization woven badges (70x85mm): design and result.

example realization woven badge

Light reflective yarn


 Glow in dark yarn

Gloed in het donker garen

Metalic gold and silver

metallic goud woven badges

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